POTŠTEJN-nadpis stránky (8 Kb)

Plan of Potštejn

How can you get to Potštejn?

By car on the road: Náchod - Ústí n.O.
on the road from Choceň
By bus line 700931 Ústí n.O - Rychnov n.Kn (ČSAD)
line 700991 Lanškroun - Hradec Králové (ČSAD)
lline 690240 Brno - Trutnov (OSNADO)
line 640384 Litomyšl  - Náchod (ČSAD)
line 660107 Kostelec n.O. - Rychnov n.Kn (AUDIS BUS)
By train train track no. 021 Hanušovice - Týnište n.O
On foot Red track: Kostelec n.O. - Žamberk
cottage Kovárna - Potštejn
Yellow track: Choceň - Kostelec n.O. - Potštejn
Green track: Brandýs n.O. - Potštejn
By bike KČT 4072 Čenkovice - Letohrad - Potštejn (74 km)
KČT 4045 Ústí n.O - Rozsocha - Potštejn (21 Km)
on the track Kostelec n.O - Potštejn, which is being built
By boat On Divoká Orlice river (best it is from Nekoř)

Potštejn is a famous summer resort in tight valley of Divoká Orlice river with very nice landscape. The town was founded under the gothic castle and was bound with its history until 17th century. (more at the page  HISTORY).

Why should you visit Potštejn?
Potštejn should be visited by everybody who likes history and beautiful nature. As you will be comming close to Potštejn, you will see the ruin of gothic castle on the hill above the town.  In the town center, there is a church of st.Lawrence from 1820.  Oposite the church, there is a castle built in years 1747-1757.

Some other interesting places:

small religious monuments

- statue of st.Florian
- statue of st.Venantius
- statue of st.John of Nepomuk
- belfry in Brná
- stone cross by the church of st.Lawrence
- stone cross with relief
- crucifix
- Marian column
- pillar with relief of Piety
trees - Ginkgo biloba)
- Liriodendron tulipifera
- Magnolia soulangiana
- Alley of lime-trees
- Morus nigra
- few trees protected by state
commemorative plates - prof. dr. Urbana Jarníka
- bust T.G. Masaryka
- Karla Bendla
- Aloise Jiráska
- Modlivý důl
Protected area - Modlivý důl
Galleries - Galerie P
- Historic exposition

After a nice walk you can visit some of Potštejn's restaurants: Pub in valley VOCHTÁNKA Restaurant Pod lipami Hotel Slávie and Hotel Praha. For people, who like sweets, there is a Sweetshop. Every restaurant has its special meels and all of them (except of sweetshop) can offer you an accommodation.


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